Why choose handmade pasta “Moje gnezdo”? Choose “Moje gnezdo” handmade pasta because we do not use additives, added sugars and salts, artificial colors and aromas and thickeners and hardeners. How do we produce “Moje gnezdo” pasta? “Moje gnezdo” pasta is handmade product, produced using traditional recipe, like our grannies and mamas used to make them. Why handmade pasta? Pasta is a good source of carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral and phytonutrients. Is pasta a healthy food? Pasta and pastry products are positioned on the top of the healthy food pyramid. If you combine them with legumes, dairy products, lean meat, vegetables rich with fibers, you can have healthy and balanced meal, that is easily digested and prepared in no time.
Our Products

Pasta is being tested in accredited laboratory for testing the quality and safety of food intended for human consumption. They are rated as high quality, healthy and safe.

We produce tagliatelle, angel hair, farfalle and shapes of short cut pasta traditionally used in Balkan cuisine, mainly in goulash and stews.

Warmth greetings from “Moje gnezdo” workshop.