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  • Taljatele od integralnog brašna i jaja

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Our products


Our products are handmade, in traditional way, like our grandmothers and mothers used to make pasta, using mostly local ingredients. We carefully choose ingredients. The process is entirely manually done and pasta is dried in controlled indoor conditions. We use just one type of flour per products, meaning we do not mix different types of flours. So, if we say that pasta is made only of spelt flour, we do not mix plain white flour into the dough. That is how you are sure that you bought just what you wanted and needed. This is very important if you are on the special dietary regime or you suffer from any health-related issue, whether gained or you were born with.

Pasta is being tested in accredited laboratory for testing the quality and safety of food intended for human consumption. They are rated as high quality, healthy and safe. “Moje gnezdo” pasta does not contain added salts, sugars, additives and preservatives, artificial colours and aromas or thickeners and hardeners. Coloured pasta is made by adding beetroot, nettle, carrot, spinach, turmeric powder, cocoa powder, fresh and dried herbs, mushrooms or squid ink.

We produce tagliatelle, angel hair, farfalle and shapes of short cut pasta traditionally used in Balkan cuisine, mainly in goulash and stews.

If you store them properly, on dark and dry place, shelf life is up to one year.

The advantage of handmade pasta is it has a healthy colour, it smells wonderfully and is being cooked in less time that industrial and processed pasta, about 3-5 minutes, which is a real advantage in these busy times.

If you suffer from gained intolerance to gluten or desire to rest digestive tract from gluten, spelt handmade pasta is ideal staple food for you.

If you worry how can egg pasta stay healthy and safe product, you need to know that in old times one of the ways to preserve eggs was to process them in finished product with eggs.

Last, but not least, we infused everything that we believe and love into our products. Fair trade, sustainable economy and environmental protection, as well as fair and honest relation towards ourselves, our close ones, partners and nature.